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A Prophecy To This World From The Lord Jesus Christ About Hell And Not Repenting

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

(Not For Kids)

This is the Lord Jesus speaking to you today through the gift of Prophecy

Before you begin reading the rebuke from the Lord Jesus below, the Lord wants me to acknowledge the children reading this message with their Mom. The Lord isn't telling the children that He doesn't want them. God is talking to adults who don't want Him. So this message isn't for you kids. The Lord is talking to adults here about something. This is not a message for the babies. But babies are welcome on my Page. The messages here aren't for kids. But kids can read them. I'll make messages for the kids and in the beginning, it'll say "For Kids".

This is what the Lord Jesus says to us today,

"I'm going to watch you die like a fish in the air! {1} You're one of My lambs {2}. You act dumb around Me like I don't know what you're doing in sin! {3} How can I not see when you're before My Face? {4} Everyday I see the sicknesses you have in your body that you don't know are there".

"Do you know why you're tired? Because I said for you to be. You're losing to Me {5}. I said do not sleep but to be awake for My return {6}. To have your robes washed in the Blood of the Lamb {7}, means to sacrifice your daily needs to live before Me in obeisance" {8}.

"This is not My Son you have helping you. He's a Preacher from the Illuminati. The Illuminati are the fake church. They're dying with this world when I come {9}. There'll be no one left but Me and My servants" {10}.

"If you are sleeping, ask Me to get you up {11}. Only I can make you ready for I am the Groom, not the Bride. When I call, you come {12}. Now listen, I say to you, Do not sleep next to this diseased horse in this house. You don't know that it's in there. It's hiding from you and feeding on your giblets".

"You're not a Preacher because I said not to be {13}. Stop playing with My mind {14}. I see you in here. I know you're not prepared. This is why I've come before My return {15} to cast you out from this church in order to prepare you".

"Do you know why your eyes are heavy? Because I'm making them close because you're not ready to meet Me {in the Rapture 16}. If you were, I'd have you walking among the living doing the work of an evangelist {17}. Instead, I have you in this house shut up like a nomad with no one coming to see but your pets".

"See? I have you living like this because you're not the one I want to return to me from this world {18}. You have been rejected by Me like Saul for doing your own way instead of Mine" {19}.

"Now ask Me to be needy and make you repent of your works {20}, of your own thoughts {21}, to be ready for Me {22}. because I cannot use thee in My Kingdom above" {23}.

"You need to be on a straight and narrow place for Me to see thee {24}. I cannot see thee hence, for thou art not Mine own {25}. This is the Devil's plan to get you before meeting Me. It's by helping you {26}. Looking like the God Jesus of Abraham who helped those of this life {27}. Thistles and Thorns were they above Me in My Crown {28}. They hurt so bad I felt the stings of hell and the grave {29}. But this Blood be not Mine {30}. For I saw the truth behind the glory of the statue in a house that I once rode".

"The story means that you will not meet Me because you are mean to Me {31}. For you are the one that I have struck blows upon {32}. This is the way that God wants you, with no one to love you so that you cannot come to Me {33}. It is people that see the Light that you need, to come to Me {34}. But they will not come because your house is dark".

"You need to get on your knees and ask Me to use you in this last hour {35}. This final generation does not know that I am here. I am already in the sky watching for those that want to come" {36}.

After I Posted this Prophecy, I went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and I thought the Holy Spirit left me. I felt crazy...a dead feeling inside me. Like I wanted to die. I felt like I was about to break out into fits of psychotic crying. I thought to myself, "The Lord left me. I got nothing to live for. I want to die". Then the Archangel Michael said to me,

"Don't worry. That was just the Lord crying".

So, I wasn't going to hell. After a few hours I returned to normal. That was the Lord crying for the people He spoke this Prophecy to and some He's going to leave in Hell forever. That's how bad Jesus feels for those who reject His Grace. Psychotic fits of crying. Wanting to die. Abandoned. My body would have come apart if the Lord had allowed me to feel His pain any longer. No human body can take that pain of loss the Lord feels for those He's losing to Hell and Satan. We have no idea how much God loves this human race. We have no idea how bad Hell is going to be.

Through the Baptism into the Holy Spirit, or, because the Lord lives in me, through the Baptism into the Holy Spirit, I was feeling what Jesus was feeling for the lost and the dead...psychotic fits of crying. Wanting to die. Not wanting to live without us. Nothing to live for without us.

Archangel Michael is giving me a message from the Lord Jesus for us right now about Hell...

Michael started by saying to me,

"The Lord knows what it feels like to be in hell".

Now the Lord Jesus speaks this to me about Hell,

"It's like being devoured by a lion. You fight, kick and scream but you can't do nothing. So, you let it happen".

Think on what it's like to be devoured by a be eaten fight, kick and scream but you can't do nothing. So, you let it happen. Think about that over and over until you get the reality of what Hell's like, and repent. That powerless feeling is what you're going to feel every second, forever...that's what the Lord Jesus and the Archangel Michael are implying with those two sentences above, about Hell.

An Angel of the Lord speaks...

"Do you know why He's talking to you about Hell"?

"Who are you"? I asked.

"Gabriel", he said.

Then Archangel Gabriel continued saying,

"He's talking to you about Hell because that's where you'll be without Him. He wants you to know what it's like there, because you're going to be there for a long time".

Implied. Archangel Gabriel means that I'll be there, you'll be there, for a long time (eternity) WITHOUT Jesus. But I have the Lord inside me. Do you? So, the Lord wants us to know what Hell is going to be like because in His Prophecy above, which He opened this Post with, the Lord is crying for some souls that He's losing to Hell because they won't think about it.

The Bible says this in 1 John 1:9 (AKJV)

9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

We don't have to go to Hell. We can repent. The thought of God and the Archangels Michael and Gabriel in this message, or, the theme of this message, is REPENT. So, I'm going to ask Jesus to give me a Bible passage on repentance for you...

The Holy Spirit said,

"That's it"...He pointed to 1 John 1:9 on this page...

The Lord wants me to tell you what that diseased horse is that He's talking about in His opening message above. He wants me to put up a trailer from the movie called "The Ritual" on Netflix. It's about a demon horse. The Devil. That's who Jesus is talking about is in your house. Check out the movie.

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