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God Wants To Show You Why Your Heart Keeps Beating

Updated: Apr 30

Merry Christ Mass & Happy New Year 2024

I usually write on my website and post here from there. Both of these websites were named by God. Tonight the Lord asked me to write here instead of on From The Lord To You. So, I'll post there from here tonight. The Lord asked me to write a experience about hell that I went through this afternoon. December 23rd, 2023.

The Lord and the angels have explained everything to me, so I am not questioning why this happened. I was scared for a while after this vision because I thought that I am not ready to go to heaven and still have some problems with God to repent of.

Well, after the vision the Lord did straighten me out about a few things. But mainly, I got a fire to witness from that experience. I 've been witnessing to everyone tonight since I got up from that vision. I even witnessed to my cats!

The instructions that I got from the Lord on what to do for Him since I got up from that vision today are personal. So, I'll keep them between the Lord and I and not reveal them here. But the Lord wants me to share that vision with you.

I Didn't Die and Go to Hell

This was a Vision

A Vision is Something That Really Happens

But When You're Asleep Not Awake

So, after a long night of house cleaning after a few days of laying around and enjoying my home, I showered and lay down to sleep. It was hard to sleep. Something kept waking me up. I thought it was Pumpkin, my 3-month old Coon kitty. No, he was asleep on the electric blanket a couple feet away from me. There was something in my room with me. But I wasn't scared. I kept waking up and looking around a few times when I finally fell asleep.

I was sleeping not dead, and I could see through my eyes closed. A black hand that looked alien or like a sea creature, grabbed my feet and pushed them. My feet were hanging off my bed. And soon I was spinning and falling into another world. The spinning was superfast like a machine, and I was yelling and my yelling sounded like I was in a hall. Like a place to sing in. I could see the spinning and it was a huge multi-colored spinning lights...

As I said, I kept waking up and I started waking up and that's why I saw myself falling...I came out of the swirl and I saw a hand that I recognized as the Lord Jesus' hand, His right hand was stopping that black hand from taking me to that other world. He just put His hand out and touched the black hand and stopped it from spinning me around. Jesus' hand was clothed in a white sleeve, and it was a man's hand because he had hair on his knuckles.

That was it. After I got up the Lord and His angels were talking to me about all that. They're in me so they hear my thoughts and respond to them. Like for example, I was thinking why did it touch my feet, and the Lord told me why. The Lord said,

"Do you know why it touched your feet"?

I said "Why Lord"?

He said,

"Because you were running from them".

I also wondered why I wasn't scared. Jesus said,

"Because I was with you".

I don't remember the order of the questions that Jesus addressed with the angels about that experience that led me to writing this message right now. But I'll tell you in whole that the Lord let me experience hell to write about it. My experience is not graphic like others is, but this is what the Lord said about this,

"Do you know how hot it was when you were there"?

I said no. Then He said,

"I'm not letting you go any further".

What Jesus is talking about is when I was spinning and going lower into another world while I yelled, I didn't know how hot it was. Jesus said that's as far as He's letting me go into hell.

The testimonies of people who are right with God may not be graphic. But it's a witness to say that the Lord let me experience hell but won't let me go no further than to see the devil spinning you lower and lower and faster and faster while you scream.

The Lord wants me to write about this. So, I did right here, and this is it. It's not graphic and I didn't see hell. I didn't go to hell. Perhaps the Lord is saying that it's better to be right with Him and experience a non-graphic witness of hell, then to go there and experience it because Jesus does not want His kids to experience the pains and burnings of hell.

Jesus loves me and didn't want me to feel any pain. I wasn't even scared when the black hand spun me in superfast circles and started to lower me into another world. That's how much Jesus loves you and I. Not just me. But you too. God doesn't want you to feel any kind of pain. He wants you to feel safe and secure with Him.

About That Black Hand

That Wasn't the Devil

That Was My Guardian Archangel Gabriel

The devil was nowhere near me when I started going to hell yesterday. It was Jesus and Gabriel with me in that room. I know because I've been seeing a black angel a few times now standing by me and helping me. He looks like a man. But kind of like a sea creature because he has things sticking out around his head and hands. He's black like a shadow.

I saw him a few days ago standing behind me in my restroom. What happened was he healed my heart. My blood pumping muscle. Did you know that being sleepy can be a bad heart? If you got a bad heart, you sleep a lot. You get sleepy and are too tired to do chores. A healthy heart gives you energy to clean and do your errands.

So, last week I was sleeping a lot and didn't clean my room for a few days. When I lounge around things stack up. Trash, dishes, laundry, cat litter. I was too tired to do any of that. But God told me to go clean. So, I went into my restroom and started washing up to go clean. Suddenly my heart started pumping. I felt blood sitting in my heart start pumping and I got energy to clean, and it hasn't left. As soon as my heart started pumping, I heard someone say, "His heart is still good", and I looked and saw that black angel smiling and pointing at me. What he did was point at me while praying and made my heart start pumping. Of course, that was God who told him to do that.

I didn't know my heart was getting bad. I turn 55 next week. Old age stuff. But I look like I'm in my 30's cos of the anointing (Ps. 103:1-5). Perhaps if God and Gabriel weren't in my life, if I wasn't saved, I might have died this week from a bad heart and went to hell. If there are people who want that to happen, I can't be killed until God says it's time.

Is it a coincidence that Cardioclear7 arrived in the mail that day? I ordered it online last week. But the Lord jump started my heart that day I got the cardioclear7 in the mail.

Was there a spiritual warfare going on that week that I didn't know nothing about? Was someone trying to kill me? Was the devil trying to kill me with a heart attack and take me to hell? But whatever was going on, Jesus and Gabriel were in that room with me and here I am alive telling you about a descent to hell that was stopped quick by the hand of the Lord Jesus.

I'm not saying that I took the Cardioclear7 before my heart started pumping and then brother Gabriel used the carioclear7 to heal my heart. Gabriel got my heart pumping for God with a prayer and then that night I started taking the Cardioclear7.

There was also something weird going on with my door lock that week. It would be unlocked when I would come back from shopping. It happened twice. I don't think this was people doing this. I think it was the devil. But I got my cam on my doorway where the lock is. My lock hasn't been unlocked since.

Have you ever had weird things like that happen? That's the devil people...he looks human. The people you see and who say hi to you during these unwitting times are the enemy. But they look like your friends.

Apparently, Gabriel did the devil's job and started spinning me into superfast circles that were going lower into another world. It wasn't the devil taking me to hell. It was Jesus and Gabriel showing me hell and how the devil takes you there.

They grab you by your feet and start spinning you into circles. This removes your spirit from your body. You spin superfast into a blurry circle of light as you spin into another world while you spin lower and lower you disappear from this realm and your screaming is silenced.

 Post Script,

After this vision and also for the past week, the Lord has been telling me to start writing messages that He gives me here on my websites. I'm a writer by nature so this is where I bear fruit for God. I write what God says to write. You read it and what God says here takes root there in your heart. It's called bearing fruit.

Last week about the time that I ordered Cardioclear7, the Lord brought a message to my memory that I have recorded on my recorder. It's a message about that scientists can't explain why our hearts keep beating and why our lungs keep breathing. The angel of the Lord then told me that the Lord wants to show me something about why our hearts keep beating. So, that's what I titled the message. It's on From the Lord To You as a roughdraft titled "God Wants To Show You Why Your Heart Keeps Beating".

Judging from this message, it is evident that what God wanted to show me was archangel Gabriel praying behind me for Him to make my heart to start working. If you don't exercise, or, if you have low activity, your heartbeat slows down like it does when you're asleep and only part of it works while the rest is not beating. Which means that your blood is not pumping in part of your heart. This is wat happened to me.

The angels are messengers for God. They come to us to do God's word to them about us. God planned to show me something about my heart with Gabriel...then sent him to pray for my heart when it wasn't working right. What God wants to show me about why my heart keeps beating, is that He is the one that keeps our heart beating. Our hearts keep beating because God keeps them beating as He did with me that day with archangel Gabriel. God sends His angels to heal and minister to us for Him.

So, I'm going to add this message into the one waiting on From The Lord To You. However, the point that I was going to make there about why the hearts keep beating and the lungs keep breathing, is the human spirit. Not to deify the human spirit. But my point is that the heart and lungs work by an electric energy. Scientists don't know what that is, but they say that this electricity is what keeps the heart beating and the lungs breathing. Pr. 20:27 says that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. This means that man's spirit is a heat like a candle flame.

There may not be many testimonies in the Bible about the touch of angels or ghosts, but there is about the healings of the Holy Spirit. People testify that it's like a jolt of electricity and a hot wind. I have been healed by the Holy Spirit too back in 1994 and know that when the Holy Spirit touches you, that it's like a heat. An electrical shock and a hot wind. Like a swirling heat wave.

From experience, I have seen angels heal and have seen people touched by ghosts not angels and it's a heat mark like a brand. Ghosts, the Holy Ghost, angels and demons all are like a hot buzzing electricity and a hot wind. Thus, that hot electrical zap that keeps the human heart beating and our lungs breathing is a spirit. The human spirit (Pr. 20:27). But God wanted to show us that it is He that keeps the heart beating. Let's deify the Holy Spirit and not the human spirit. Amen.

In closing,

I want to end this message with what God said to me after I finished writing this message. He and the angels are very happy and enthused. The Lord spoke and said,

"Got it? We keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing".

By God's use of the word "we", He means Father, Son, Holy Ghost and the angels.


What Do Angels Look Like

God told me to tell you what that black angel looks like. But first, I want to say that angels look like shadows. Ghosts look like shadows. Angels are ghosts, or, spirits (Ps. 104:4). When I've seen them, they look like heat waves or the sun's shadow.

Have you ever seen the sun's shadow? The shadow of sun rays look like an invisible heat wave. The sun's heat rays burning something in the shadows also looks like an invisible heat wave. You can't see this heat wave, but you can feel it and it has a shadow. In sunlight, heat is a wave. That heat wave shadow is what ghosts look like. If you see the heat wave in its shadow, when you look back to where the shadow is coming from and put your hand there, you'll feel the heat but can't see it. But you can see its shadow. Same thing with ghosts, or angels, demons, human spirits and God. You can't see them directly, but in the Light you can see their shadows.

We humans live in the shadows of the ghost world. Ps. 23:4 says that we live in the shadow of death. Rev. 20:13-15 says that death is a demon. Ps. 91:1 says that the Lord has a shadow. Ps. 91:1-12 says that God's shadow are the angels. Jn. 4:24 says that God is a spirit. Job 4:13-17 says that spirits look like shadows.

This Angel Gabriel was black. I saw him in my peripheral vision behind me but about ten feet away each time. He was all black, but he had two eyes with a mouth. I didn't see a nose or ears. He was about the size of a man with two arms and two legs and a head. But his features were not human. he looked like a sea creature with things protruding out of his head and hands.

He wasn't evil. I never knew he was there until he helped me because when I looked around, I would see him behind me guarding me. He was always doing something good to help me. I'm not afraid of these ghosts because I see and hear them all the time. I live in the company of God and the angels.

"Scariest Hell Testimony Ever 2022 2023"

World without end. Amen.

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