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Prophecies From God To You

Updated: May 16

What Prophecy Is

(1 Cor. 12:10)

If you read the book of Daniel, you will see what the gift of prophecy is. You will see God and His archangels meeting Daniel with messages about the future. You will see Daniel writing down in books what these spirits said. That's wat prophecy is. Most people think that prophecy is messages about the future. But prophecy is the spiritual gift to hear spirits talking. Most people talk to God and His angels but only prophets can hear them talk back.

Prophetic messages aren't only about the future. Prophecy are messages coming from another world. messages from spirits. Dreams, visions, tongues and prophecy. These are messages from spirits. Messages from God and His spirits, or, angels (Ps. 104:4), are prophecy.

For example, the messages here on my website from God and His angels are not only about the future. But there are messages from spirits that witness to this world about Jesus and His return. I have prophecies from spirits about the Government, about UFO's, the stars, and angels. To name a few. But the messages from the spirits are not only about the future, and that's my point. Being able to hear spirits talking is the gift of prophecy. Prophecy isn't only messages about the future. Prophecy is being able to hear the ghost realm talking.

Ghosts don't always talk in words. They make noises with psychic messages on them. The Holy Spirit is the Interpreter. Human tongues, angelic tongues and their interpretation, is the job of the Holy Spirit called the gifts of the Spirit received in the anointing after the baptism into the Holy Spirit (Jn. 3/ Tit. 3:4-7/ Acts 2:38, 39/ 1 Cor. 12-14).

Angels Communicate Through Thought Transference

Ghosts Send Thoughts or Words to You and You Will Not Hear Them Without the Anointing

Discerning of Spirits (1 Cor. 12:10), Human Tongues (1 Cor. 12:10), Angelic Tongues (1 Cor. 13:1), The Interpretation of Both Tongues (1 Cor. 12:10)

And Prophecy (1 Cor. 12:10)

(1 Cor. 12-14)

Ghosts growl. They whistle, hoot, hiss, pip, squeak and make all kinds of other strange sounds, because they're not animals nor are they from the earth. They make strange sounding noises and on them are words in the spirit realm. That's how they talk. Thought transference or psychic messages. To be able to understand, you need the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, all you'll hear is their noises, but you won't receive their thought transfers.

The Holy Spirit gives the gifts of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. 1 Cor. 13:1, 2 talks about the tongues of angels and says that prophecy reveals all mysteries. Pretty soon, you're not hearing the angelic noises no more. You're hearing a man's voice talking to you and that is God the Holy Spirit giving you the interpretation of the tongues.

I know this because in the beginning of my prophetic gifting, I saw and heard angels in their native state. But the Holy Spirit changed their noises into a man's voice speaking in the spirit of my mind called the interpretation of tongues and of the tongues of angels.

I said all that to say that since January 2016 to today, January 22, 2024; eight (8) years, that God has been creating some prophecies for you today with me and His angels. These prophecies, like Daniel's, have come over years from God, His angels, dreams, visions, scripture and books of men, other prophets. So, let's begin:


The World's Paradigm

The paradigm shift to God's judgement on America will come in a few years beginning with a massive financial devastation to this world with the shift from cash to electronic money called digital currency. BRICS and FED NOW will create cash to be US Non-Legal Tender.

Not long after this, the United States will be split in half at the heart of America. America east of the Missouri river in Montana to the shores of the east coast in New York will be flooded by icebergs pushing in from the North Pole. The Great Lakes will become one massive lake and islands will form from New York to Florida. You will see the Statue of Liberty Head & Torch sticking out of the seas.

Most people in America think that California will be split off into an island from America through an earthquake and a flood, and that New York to Florida are safe. But it is not California that will be destroyed by floods, earthquakes and landslides. It will New York to Florida.

North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota will be flooded by humungous icebergs breaking into your land from the North Pole from underground coming from the hole under the ground in Montana gushing out like an exploding volcano, causing huge tsunamis and earthquakes coming from Montana to the Great Lakes that will bury your states under water all the way up to the top of your trees on your buttes. You will become cities under the sea. Everyone in these states will die when the Great Lakes form one massive lake. As people see cities under water, now you know how they got shifts.

Underwood, Bismarck, New Town, Williston, Center, Billings and Sydney...will all be flooded under water. The survivors will build bridges to other islands and land mass...there will be no more United States...the United States will die from natural disaster not nuclear war as God's judgement for His prophets. The prophet will live in another country when this happens, lol...but God haters will die in floods and nuclear wars after this flood and the economic shift to digital currency. There will be nuclear blasts in North America after the money shift and floods.

Our Sun is Dying

And God Will Be Our New Sun

We have about 496 years left before the sun dies and becomes a black, frozen piece of ice and the earth a block of ice from the blizzards of cold out in space. Out in deep space, the Lord says that it is millions and millions of degrees below zero. Our sun is slowly freezing up. That's what those black spots are that you see on it with space telescopes. Those black spots are ice formations freezing up our sun. Our sun is dying.

In about the year 2742, there will be no more sun. But the world will have risen from the ashes of the dead with Jesus the Word of God called the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and the world will be run in justice, equality and biological immortality with people living over a thousand years with scientific and Jesus breakthroughs. Jesus will be our new sun. See Revelation chapters 19-22

You are today feeling the shifting to a new world...a cashless society dying from nuclear blasts and natural see the problems with the banks today...this is the beginning, the birth pangs, of the new cashless digital currency society...

You are hearing scientists talking about the unheard of: earthquakes in North Dakota and that North Dakota is sitting on top of a volcano about to erupt. Icebergs in North Dakota. Those are the beginning of sorrows...the birth pangs of natural disaster from Montana to New York. The shores of the Atlantic Ocean will be in Montana with huge icebergs floating around on it from Montana to New York down to Florida. From Montana to the Florida Keys...

That volcano is a big hole under Montana that goes all the way under Canada to the icebergs of Alaska and the North Pole. Icebergs in North Dakota?! Unheard of!

Planet Armor

Not too many hundreds of years into the future, people will try to defeat and control floods and natural disasters by making floating cities. But I have told you before that underground is the safest place. Building cities under the crust of the earth is the safest place to live and how to defeat and control surface storms and natural disasters on the earth's surface.

Take Off!

Build a huge atomic motor in the center of the earth to make your planet fly and use the surface to make your way through the asteroids and meteors of space travel.

Body Armor

Wearing face shields and weather repellant suits (body armor) will keep you safe from the blistering rays of the sun and the cold of the earth's surface. But you will make floating cities instead of go underground.

The Old is Better

The human race has a problem listening to their Father God and to their older brothers the angels, because a long time ago in galaxies far, far away, there were more sophisticated races who are trying to help you today for God. Meaning that they are more advanced with "alien technology" To advance you've got to go back to them and listen. You don't advance by going forward. You advance by going back. The old is better (Lk. 5:36-39). But the reason humanoids have a problem listening to their smarter elders is because it is in your nature to destroy yourselves. This is called in the Bible the sinful nature (Rom. 7). Thanks be to Jesus who gives us the victory over our natures with the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8) and saves our planet as He becomes our new sun in a few hundred years.

The Last Ten (10) Years Were a Call to Repentance from Jesus

Before He Destroys Your Country

Psalm 105:15

Authorized (King James) Version


15 {God says, "Touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm".

How many of you are having weird glitches in your banks today? How many have been having dreams of being hit by a huge iceberg and tsunami while crossing a bridge in a land that looks like Alaska? That's North Dakota you see. North Dakota looks like Alaska in the winter seasons. That's God warning you. Warning His church to repent and leave the country and warning the God haters to stop hating on His prophets. This financial disaster and flood will come as surely as you who say no to stop being prejudiced to a people better than you; God's prophets.

God says to tell you that He's killing the cops for their tribal injustices and treason. He's killing the cops, the enemies of God's prophets, with this flood.

In closing,

Is the digital currency the Mark of the Beast in Rev 13? No. This shift from cash to digital currency is the beginning of the sorrows of hell. It is the path to the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast is already here. It's been here for eons with Satan. But it will not be implanted until after this paradigm shift to the digital dollar.

The Church is Sovereign Over the Government

The Purpose of the Government is to Help the Church

Christians in the American government are asking God why He's destroying the American government? I will tell you what God told them,

"Because you're not helping My church".

Governments that don't help Jesus and His people will be destroyed by God. God's people are special to Him (Dt. 7). The government's job is to provide justice and protection for His church (Rom. 13:1-4). Instead, the government is trying to shut the church down today. This is why God is destroying the American government.

A Rainbow in the Dark

(RIP DIO -2010)

What is the Crown Worm?

The Coronavirus

Worms from Space

Coming Through the Hole in the Ozone

Germ Warfare in the Stratosphere

Have you ever seen a rainbow in the dark? If you look into the stratosphere with your scopes, you will the blackness of night lit up with a rainbow in the dark...that's what radiation looks like at night: A Rainbow in the Dark. We are in Chemical Warfare in the Stratosphere

(RIP my school buddy Jeff Hanneman from Slayer - 2009

Song from my school friends Slayer)

World without end. Amen.


Darrin Dade

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