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Prophecy from the Lord Jesus Christ about the Government

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Don't worry. When I heard today what the Government is doing in California to the Church, I looked at the Prophecies I've been getting from the Lord Jesus and there's no messages from the Lord about a persecution of our Church. Know why? Cos God ain't worried about it! Know why? Cos God is in control! Don't lose faith. Keep worshiping Jesus. Keep taking care of Church business for the Lord. Here then are the words of the Lord Jesus for you in His Church that are in fear and not in faith in Him:

"I'm coming to get you. They're trying to start a persecution. Don't worry about this Political Unrest. I'm the Supervisor of it. You're not going to die in this. All that's going to happen is that they're going to change a few laws about public worship. You're still going to be able to meet in your houses".

"The outcome? Is going to be fruit grown, and a harvest of so many souls, you're not going to be able to count because they're going to see the true nature of the U.S. Government, that they're the Illuminati".

"I will soon give you the name of the Antichrist and where he lives".

End of Prophecy...

That was your Lord Jesus Christ talking there through the gift of Prophecy. I don't know the name of the Antichrist or where he lives yet. I will know on the day that the Lord Jesus speaks his name and location to me through Prophecy in His upcoming messages, just as He said He would.

I too have attacks from the enemy in the guise of racism. But I'm not worried. Know why? Cos the Lord tells me what they're planning and who's planning it. Then He gives me words to pray back to Him through Prophetic Intercession and when I do, the enemy loses.

My point is that Jesus is standing up for me, not the authorities, just like He's doing for you that are being attacked by authorities in Church. Also, that the authorities are getting lawless with you in Church just like they are with me.

Prophet's Signature of Authenticity

Prophet: Darrin M Pegram

Date Published: Sunday, October 18, 2020 9:53 AM

DOB: 12/27/1968

Location: 83 Lincoln Ave 108 Underwood, North Dakota 58576

Cell: 701-460-9160

GPS Coordinates DMS: N 47 ° 27 ' 25.3542 " W 101 ° 8 ' 3.4542 "

IP address:

MAC physical address: B8-76-3F-0F-6B-CE

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