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Prophecy Fulfilled

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Lord spoke to me last night. He said that He tested me. I'll get to it later. Right now, I want to talk to you about 2-Prophecies that were given to me in the last couple of months by Archangel Gabriel. They're both written on my Facebook page somewhere.

I remember that in one Prophecy, that the Archangel Gabriel said that in November, 2020 that I would see his Sign in my house, and that meant that he is living with me.

In that Prophecy, Gabriel said that his sign is the Moon. That he is the Angel of the Moon and that Michael is the Angel of the Sun. I forgot about that Prophecy. But on November 13th, I bought a Glowing Moon and I have it in my room.

One day I was looking at the colors change and I remembered what Gabriel said two months ago. I realized that Gabriel was in my house with me. So I said hello. In that Prophecy, I remember that God told me that Gabriel's name is Moon. The Moon Angel. God didn't tell me this, but I would conclude that Michael's name is Sun. The Sun Angel.

In another Prophecy last month, Gabriel said that I was going to need to get a tire from the trunk of my car to get on the road with God. That if I left the tire in the trunk and didn't change the flat, that problems would come.

One of my vans suddenly got a flat last week. I used Fix-A-Flat and tried inflating it twice. It needs to be changed. So I remembered what Gabriel said about taking the tire out of my trunk and changing it to get on the road with God. So I looked at the tire size of the spare in the trunk of my other van, and it's the exact same size. So I'm getting it fixed right now. However, the mechanic said that he's putting in plugs instead. So the flat is fixed. But the tire Gabriel talked about is back in the trunk of my other van. But I'm going to go get the van now with a fixed flat. I'm on the road with God and I think that's what God wants. The van is drivable now. What Gabriel told me was that when I get a flat on one van, the exact same tire size would in the trunk of my other van and to get that flat tire fixed. For some reason, getting that flat tire fixed is saving me from something...

Below is a pic of the Moon that I bought on November 13th. Zoom in on it. You'll see it's a replica of the Moon. It changes colors. A nice night light ornament.

When I bought it, I had forgotten about that Prophecy from Gabriel that in November I would see this sign in my house meaning that he is with me in my house. he knew I would buy it in November. He knew I would forget about the prophecy when I bought it and would understand after I had the Moon in my house, what the sign of the Archangel Gabriel is. Archangel Gabriel's Sign is the Moon. Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of the Moon. Angels are God's Messengers. Angels are Prophets too. So what Gabriel was doing, was listening to the Lord Jesus when he spoke that Prophecy to me. God told Gabriel what to say to me. The Lord is the one that made the Prophecy and fulfilled it. Amen.

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