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The Annunaki

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Yesterday, the Archangel Michael said to Post a Message here about the Annunaki, because some people need to hear from the Lord about them. You want the truth. Here's a Prophecy from the Archangel Michael about the Annunaki to answer your prayers:

"Write to them about the Annunaki. The Annunaki were the Guardians of the Old World. They were the gods helping Man when Man came into existence".

That's all brother Gabriel said.

I haven't studied much about the Annunaki. However, I have been told many things about the gods of the Old World from the Archangels and the Holy Spirit. I remember what God told me about the gods of Old World. Which Michael says are the Annunaki.

The gods of the Old World are the "Elder Race" and the "Great Old Ones" of the Necronomicon. They are Lucifer and his hordes who fell from their original location appointed to them by God in the Pleiades Constellation. Their original home was Sirius in the Orion Constellation. Lucifer is the god of the Orion. They are the 7 vile and hostile Snakes entities from Orion. The Amphibians from Mars and the Reptilians of today.

They are still living with us in this world. They hide from us in the isolation. Under the earth. Under the oceans and lakes. Behind the clouds and in the sunlight. In caves and woods and in the furthest remote areas of the earth, such as the North Pole and Antarctica. They have advanced technology and machines they live in that fly, turn invisible, create storms and natural disasters and travel to other dimensions.

They look like aliens but call us the aliens because they say that God and the human race invaded their old World and took over because God accused them of sin. The Gray's and the "aliens" we see in the sky are the gods of the Old World. Not aliens.

Some people wonder why the ancient civilizations had more advanced technology than we do today. It's because those civilizations have been around for aeons before us. Billions of years. Those civilizations are the angelic races spoken of throughout the Bible. The angels were in existence before Man was.

They know more than we do because we are still babies compared to them. We don't know nothing. The human race has been around, biblically, for about 6, 000 years. The earth is far older than that. Just like the Lord is going to destroy this earth and make a new one for us in the future, He has done that before. He did it where Genesis chapter one begins. God has been destroying the earth and its civilizations then remaking them for ages. He's been killing the gods of the Old World and their species over and over.

They're still here on earth. They hide in the isolation and places where Man does not go, and not so much to hide from us. But because they're smarter than us. They live in the sky and under the earth to avoid all the problems that living on the surface creates. Such as debris and viruses from space. Apparently, the gods of the Old World learned long ago not to live on the surface of their planets because it's an open target for diseases and meteors and comets. They live underground. Under the oceans. In the sky. Far away from surface disasters.

Today, Man is learning at a rapid rate. This is because these aliens, or, the gods of ther Old World, are in control of our civilization. They are giving us knowledge through our Governments. The Illuminati. That's who the gods of the old World are working with on this planet.

These aliens aren't coming from other planets. They're coming from other dimensions that co-exist with ours. Their ships aren't space craft. They're inter-dimensional craft. They're here on earth with us in another dimension. To get to our plane, they get in their craft, rise into the air and go through time holes. They tell us that they're coming from other planets and solar systems. But they're not. They're coming from time holes here on earth, not from outer space.

When you travel at the speed of light, you go backwards in time. When you hit three times the speed of light, you go forward in time. That's what these ships are doing that we call UFO's. The gods of the Old World are traveling through time and light to come to our dimension and across the Universe.

The Annunaki are the aliens. The gods of the Old World.

That's what I know about the gods of the Old World.

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