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The Cure For The Coronavirus

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Up until last week, the Lord has never told me what the cure for the coronavirus is. Timing is everything. In His time. Last week I heard in the Spirit the unbelief of people around the country saying that the coronavirus has no cure. So I asked the Lord what the cure for the coronavirus is. This is what the Holy Spirit said,

"It's a medicine that they have in China that they use to stop infant suffocation, when a child dies from suffocating in their sleep. Child apnea".

This asphyxia is not to be confused with SIDS or Infanticide. SIDS, also called Crib Death, stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, when a child dies for no reason in their crib while asleep.

Infanticide is when people kill their infants for various incompetent and morbid reasons, such as an unwanted child.

The coronavirus stops people from breathing and apparently China has a medicine that keeps babies from suffocating in their sleep...

The Lord Jesus says,

"Some of the people making the coronavirus cure are Indian and Asian. They work in different parts of the earth. The globe is gathering together for a cure at the Word of the Lord. That's who's directing the hands of the physicians and students who are doing their jobs at the facilities where they work, grabbing things for the cure. They use everything. What they see. What they hear. What they thought at night. Every device they can think of is used in procreating the cure for the coronavirus to hit in January, 2021. Not March. March will be the second outbreak. March will be the second cure. There'll be a second cure made for the first. It'll be in one box, a black one, with the words 'Coronavirus Disease Pure Med', 'CVD Pure Med'. It's going to be a blue pill full of herbal medicines and transient minerals which composite medical researches on the coronavirus cure for Asians. Asia is making the cure. Not the United States. The cure is going to come from the Middle East. But it's going to be Asia that made it. They're (God and the Angels) giving the cure to the Asians that made the coronavirus cure. That's why God is watching them. He has a cure in His Word. It's the tea that was drunk by a Prophet and Seer in the Old Testament".

What Is Asphyxia?

What A Healing Jesus

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