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The Day Of The Eclipse - A Word From The Lord

Updated: Apr 30

Good morning flock,

So, today is the day of the eclipse. It starts in about five hours at 12:45 PM in North Dakota where I'm located. The Bible says in Amos 3:7 that God first reveals His secret to us prophets before He does anything. 1 Cor. 13:2 says that prophecy reveals all mysteries. I know what this means from personal experience. The Lord and His angels are always reaching out to me and telling me extraordinary things called secrets and mysteries, about creation and life. There are so many messages that have been given to me through casual fellowship with the Lord and His angels, that I can't record them all. Plus, my recorders are already full of hundreds of messages that I haven't posted yet. I got a lot of work to do (I'll buy more recorders too).

There're a lot of things that I haven't told you here because you're not ready to hear it. The Lord tells me just to stick to telling you all the Gospel to get you saved (1 Cor. 15:1-10). But every once in a while, I'll throw you a treat from the word like this message, for example. A delicious snack, food for thought, from the archangels and the Godhead; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The angels and the Godhead all sound like one being talking when they talk to me, but they're not. After I edit the messages, I can see who's talking.

My point in saying all that, is to tell you what God told me this morning about NASA and the cloud ships. I'll start in the order that God gave them to me.

The Cloud Ships

God said that those ships blowing trumpets in the air behind thick darkness are called "Battlecruisers", not cloud ships. And He said that those aren't Shofars you're hearing in the sky. God said that they're trumpets on the battlecruisers.

God says that the archangels blowing the trumpets are happy when they sound their horns, very happy! Because they're obeying God when they do this. The angels said that obeying God is very fulfilling for us too.

The Lord also told me that the angels blowing the trumpets are very lonely for us. They're right with God but they apparently were created to fellowship with us humans, like we are created to fellowship with them. The angels are our elder brothers (Lk. 15:25-32). We are all God's Family. The Lord also said that the angels have been listening to Him for thousands of years and are staying away from us, unless they're sent by Him to us. They help us silently or give us messages for God, but they don't fellowship, unless you're a Christian with my gifts. But God says that the angels are very lonely for us. That they want to meet us and have fun with us. But they won't because God said not to until after the resurrection. These angels are an example of obedience to God. For thousands of years, they have been controlling their feelings for us and stay out there in their ships blowing their horns for the Lord...

The angels told me their jobs. They told me that God told them to tell us humans about Jesus' death and His return. This is the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-10). The angels said that their job is to witness to us about Jesus, just like the church witnesses to the world about Jesus (Mt. 28:18-20/ Mk. 16:14-18). And their job is also to announce the Jubilee of the Lord (Lev. 25:9, 10), with their horns.

The angels asked me yesterday if I want to help them announce the Lord's Jubilee. I said yes. They're asking me to blow a Shofar on a speaker, loud, with my church for God when I get a chance. They said not to blow a trumpet. I said yes. I asked the Lord how long should I blow the Shofar? He said until Jesus returns! So, I should sit there all day online blowing a Shofar and reading scriptures on the Lord's Jubilee all day everyday until Jesus returns, or I die...

So, the Lord says that you won't hear the trumpets for a while in heaven because the Lord says that the angels did their job. Us humans got God's message from their trumpets, and it's that Jesus is about to return, and also that the day of the Lord's Jubilee is announced. Interesting how they stop trumpeting on the day of the eclipse that God said is the sign of Jesus' return...we humans would think to start sounding trumpets on the day of the eclipse. But they did it before.

The Lord says that the angels are waiting for another chance to sound from heaven and announce that this is the day of the Lord's return, and by the word day, God means that a day is like a thousand years (2 Pt. 3). The antichrist first has to be revealed before Christ can return (2 Thes. 2).

This is what I mean when I say that this world isn't ready to hear these things that God reveals to me secretly, because as with this message about space travel and the trumpets in the sky, it makes you want to worship the stars or the angels; make them an idol and do space travel or try to meet the angels instead of listen to God and stay in His House and worship at His feet. But I told you here what God said to tell you about space travel when I told you about it; about space travel and the angels, or, aliens. The message brought you back down to God when He said through Michael that your destiny with God isn't space travel. It's to stay in God's House and worship Him at His feet (Ps. 99:5; 132:7/ 1 Chr. 28:2).

About NASA

The Lord tells me that they know what these ships are. They call them spacecruisers and that they know where they are. That they're on the Moon. But the Lord says that they're not space cruisers, they're battlecruisers.

So, I asked the Lord if they're stationed on the Moon and He said yes. But He said that they also fly all over the galaxy everywhere all the time. The Lord says that there are millions of these battlecruisers all over the universe.

So, the Lord wants to tell you that want to do space travel as you hear this message, that your avowed destiny is to worship Him at His feet in His House in heaven every day and night, forever. Not to leave like the angels and travel to the stars. In God's Presence is fulness of joy (Ps. 16:11). This is what the angels mean when they say that they're happy blowing the trumpets to announce the Lord's Jubilee because they're obeying God when they do this. Nothing is more satisfying, fulfilling and happy than listening to God and to worship Him at His feet forever! You'll never get bored when you're employing your deepest motivational drives from Jesus, which is to bow down and worship Him at His feet all day everyday forever!

I got a message on my website,, from Arc Michael called, "And There Shall be Signs In The Stars - Get Ready For The Rapture". In the link here

Correction about this message about returning to God from the is not in this Message in the link above. I'll find the meantime, read this message in the link because God talks in it...I found the message Arc Mike to NASA. In link below,

In said message, Michael says, paraphrased, that people's destiny and purpose with God, is not to do space travel. It is to worship God at His feet forever in the New Jerusalem (Rev. 19-22). Michael also says in this message to get used to seeing God's shoes in front of you as you bow at His feet forever, lol. He says in this message that God's shoes look like medallions. That He has His Name on His left shoe, and His Son's Name on His right shoe. He also says in this message that only the archangels can do space travel, and in this the message from God and Michael and me, we witness to NASA, to a lady whose name is "M." to "'Return to Me from the Stars' says the Lord". In this message, God sent Michael to witness to NASA about idol worship, and God sent Michael to me to write this message to them. I sent it online to NASA in 2022.

The movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" keeps coming to my memory about these trumpets and ships inside the clouds in the sky...The Lord says that this movie is the closest to the truth about His battlecruisers. Check it out...

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977 Trailer)


What you hear in this video is what the earth saw on the day of the Ten Exodus 20. This is also what we are going to hear on the day that Jesus returns, according to God and His Arcs in the link below...

In closing,

The angels said this to us just now,

"Do you know why we stopped {blowing the trumpets}? Because they know".

Know what? That Jesus is about to return. The angels say that they're going to start blowing again in a around Cinco De Mayo, May 5th, next month...get ready for more angelic visitations and trumpet blowing from the sky! Amen.

Come, Lord Jesus!

World without end. Amen.

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