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The Return Of The Ant Tribe

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The Coming of the Ant Tribe

The Prophecy

After the Rapture, there are ten man-eating demons imprisoned (at home) in the abyss in the sky, under the ocean, under the earth, within the obelisks, labyrinths, statues (demons turned to stone by the Lord), pyramids and perimeters of the world, that will be released from their prisons by the Lord to again begin eating man as His judgement against man for rejecting Christ's grace. The Lord will feed His creatures who cry to Him for the flesh of man. The Lord has been starving these species for eons. These ten species will come from the same place of the Abyss in different parts or locations. Such as the ocean, sky and earth.

These angels are the Lords of the first order of creation. The species that lived on earth aeons before man did. In the Necronomicon, they are called the Great Old Ones and the Elder Race. The gods of the first earth that rebelled against God with Satan. They were here before man was and they fight God and man for the earth. They call man the alien race because they say that man came with God after they were already on earth. God took the earth from these old gods and gave the earth to man as His new ruler. Satan tried to get the earth back in the fight in the Garden of Eden. Satan defeated man and he got Adam's authority as earth's ruler. (Gen. 3). But Jesus defeated these demons while He was on earth. Satan fell to earth like lightning from heaven when Jesus was exorcising demons from people in His lifetime (Lk. 10:1-24). While Jesus cast out Satan on earth, this is when Archangel Michael and his angels fought and defeated Satan and his angels and cast them out of heaven to the earth (Rev. 12).

These species are a sub-species of women eating demons who talk to them or provoke them into fights and then boil them into stew.

These are the ten demons:

The Ten Man Eating Demon Species or Evil Angels

That Will Arise from the Oasis of the Underworld

Or, the Abyss After the First Resurrection

The Ant Angel (Man Sized Man Eating Ants)

The Gir Loc Angel (Man Eating Spider - Big as a house - pronounced Gur lok - as in Sir and lock - not loc as in loco. But Loc as in Lock. It's not pronounced as girl loco. The Gir Loc).

The Man Glar Angel (Man Eating Humanoid - Pronounced as Man Gar. As in man-guard. The "L" is silent in pronunciation. Also known as The Mangolos)

The Langarlon Angel (Man Eating Humanoid)

The Malcarp Angel (Man Eating Fish)

The Benadon Angel (Man Eating Worms)

The Ethios Angel (Man Eating Angel)

The Sconk Angel (Man Eating Angel)

The Suprenon Angel (Man Eating Humanoid)

The Catakshree Angel (Man Eating Humanoid also called The Mongalard)

There are also other maneating demons that are not among the ten that will come from the Underworld to eat man in the end of this world, or, at the beginning of God's next world (Rev. 18-22).

There is a giant man-eating squid chained at the bottom of the ocean by archangel Michael called the Anthoth. There are also Sasquatch. Also called the Yetti. The Light call them "The Cave Dweller Clan". These beings have as many names as there are tribes, or, races of man on the earth. Best known as Sasquatch. Among the Light, the Sasquatch are also called "The Ghost Gobbler". The Light teach that the Sasquatch are ghosts trying to look like men. They gobble down the human body and makes new ones in a couple seconds after it prays its oaths to God to protect man for God. This angel used to work for God. It is an angel that was made by God to help and pray for man. Until sin against God was found in it. The sin of eating the man it was created to guard. It began gobbling down man for dinner. The human never knows that it's being eaten alive by the Sasquatch every night.

There are also the Mangalon. The Hanolon. The Skeptim. The Mernidon. The Mangolor. The Mangloss. The Hanolon are the bugs that eat man. The Hanolon and the rest mentioned here, will not be among the ten demons that will come to eat man in the end, or, at the beginning of the Millenium.

I will expound on them later as the Light has given me no insights into what they are at this time. It would be appropriate to describe them since they are mentioned. However, that is human logic. My logic and yours. However, these are not humans who write here. They are God and the Angels of Light. They see no reason for them to be described after they have been mentioned. They are describing only the ten demons that will come to eat God's human enemies after the First Resurrection.

The only one of these other man eating demons that the Light saw fit to describe, is the Hanolon, the man eating bug. The Lord says that the Hanolon come from the crypts of Egypt and that the Egyptians used to eat them. The Lord says that the Hanolon look like beetles and that the Egyptians made them into soup and that the soup would come to life as they ate it and died and became the food of the Hanolon.

God's Ways Are Not Man's Ways

Man is Backwards from God

I once had a conversation with archangel Gabriel a few years ago about the man-eating demons. He told me that God's ways are not man's ways and that God's thoughts are not man's thoughts (Isa. 55). He said that in this age that man is backward from God but that man thinks he's upright. He said that in God's parallel universe, that everything moves from back to front and right to left. Down is up and up is down in that Universe. But man moves from left to right. He said that with God, the last are first and the first are last (Mt. 19:27-30/ 20:1-16), and that God makes known the end from the beginning (Isa. 46:9-11). To know the beginning, you start from the end. He said that man is reading the Bible backwards. He said that Genesis is not the first book of the Bible. That it is the last and that we need to start reading the book of Revelation first to Genesis, cos Revelation is the first book of the Bible, he said.

He said that when you do read from right to left beginning with Revelation, that you'll get God's message to man and that God's message to man is that God's original order of creation was that man was the food of the gods. Man was angel's food. Devil's food. God and man used to eat human beings on earth.

He said that the earth looks like a table with a dinner napkin and fork next to it on the right from space. He said that if you read the Bible correctly, from back to front, that in the first few chapters of Revelation, that you will see God feeding man to demons. It is Revelation chapter 19. This is what God will do after the Rapture and the return of the Lord Jesus to earth. He will feed man to those demons chained in the air, under the ocean, under the earth, in the obelisks, statues, pyramids and perimeters of this world.

Man Used to Be Devil's Food

The archangel Gabriel continued telling me at that time that man's body was made to be eaten and that this is shown to be true in science because you can turn human bodies into plants and fertilizer in the earth. If you bury a human body in the earth without a casket, just throw dirt on it. In 18-days it will turn into a huge piece of dung. Fertilizer. He said that God used to throw man on the beach for the demons to eat. He used the sun to cook man's meat. Then used the ocean tides to wash the gunk off and leave a delicious piece of meat for the angels in the morning dew. He said that man's body is like a refrigerator. It keeps the body parts edible. He said that around Satan, that man floats in the air and spins upside down and that he splits open in the middle like what happened to Judas Iscariot (Lk. 22:3, 4/ Acts 1:16-18). And that their insides fall out in front of him to eat. He said that all of man's organs are connected to their bodied by "jumpers". These hold the organs in place until Satan splits them open and then they jump out at his mouth. He also told me that every ethnicity of man has a tube inside their bodies to drain the blood. He said that every race has it in different places but that if you pull the tongue out of most races, that you will see a tube, a large vessel where if you hang the human body upside down, that the blood will drain out from it, every drop, for the body to be cut up and eaten. This is why you see human beings chests start to flex around satanists. It's their organs trying to jump off the jumpers to their mouths. Gabriel also said that God talks about humans in the Bible in food terms. That we're trees, plants and flowers of the Lord. A garden of flesh plants for the angels to eat.

Archangel Gabriel also said that Lucifer became proud and unthankful in the beginning to God for giving him man to eat. That, Lucifer began to beat the human and insult God instead of say grace and thank God for man to eat. He said that evil is an unthankful and an ungrateful heart. He said that's what Lucifer's heart is like. He'll cuss at God, beat the human then eat him while laughing at God.

The Ant Tribe

Archangel Gabriel said all this to say that man was devil's food. And that in the end, God will return to the first order of creation and feed man to the angels (Rev. 19). He said that eating man is what the war between God and Satan is about. He said that God stopped the angels from eating man by imprisoning them. But at the end, God will give man's flesh back to the angels that are chained up today, to eat. He said that the Ant is the first tribe that will come to eat man after the resurrection. He said that they are imprisoned under the ocean in the Abyss and that after the Rapture, and during the biological warfare going on between the nations when the Lord returns after the Rapture, that the Ant will come from the abyss in the ocean and that other demons will also be involved to eat man, as in the beginning.

Archangel Gabriel also said that the Ant used to be the size of man in the beginning, but that they started eating man. As a judgement, God shrunk the ant down to the size that they are today, so small, to stop them from eating man. He said that the ant when enlarged, looks like the aliens with antennas that fought and ate man in the beginning. That's the ant tribe.

"People have been seeing ants coming out of their holes and looking. They have human eyes. The ants are aliens that came to this world through a hole in space. We saw them on the day that we created their time essence. They're spiritual beings with tongues like slobber. They speak human voices".

"The ants are not from this realm. They're a human like species. The ants are the ones with antennas. Those are the ones we saw in flying saucers".

The Gir Loc

The Gir Loc's are the man-eating spider demons. It looks like a man walking on stilts. You'll see these on Native American Reservations. It has long legs that bend and fold. They hide and sleep in trees and on top of buttes. They walk around in the buttes and hills of the isolation at night looking for human beings to eat for food. The Gir Loc were released from their prison under the earth in 2019.

The Man Glar

The Man Glar's are the demons that the Lord turned to stone inside the obelisks. They look like little black men with fangs and wings that eat women. They look like bats. They fly around at night and run superfast and start eating you. They'll be behind you in two seconds at a distance of 100 ft.

The Man Glar's descend in speed with curled feet. They grab women by the hair at night and fly them into the air and gobble them down in a second. Then spit out their tongues and eyes because that's what they say is from the Lord.

They also fly in little black triangles (the obelisks) that spin and disappear. The obelisk's fly point first. Not like point up and two points to land on. They fly point first and spin. When they do, a black circle encloses them. Then they disappear. You don't see them flying, as I would picture them to be a black circle when flying. But they disappear when they start to spin. When they disappear, they reappear instantly hundreds or thousands of miles away and huge creatures will run out of them and start eating people and animals in a few seconds.

They'll appear in these obelisks above cars driving out in the isolation at night, pick your car up into the air, and fry you instantly inside your car. Then they eat you after they drop and crash your car in the night. By this time, you'll be a cooked piece of meat. When they fly above you, you won't know. Your car will start heating up and flying in the air. You won't know what's happening. Terror will grip your heart and that's it. You're cooked in a few seconds. The Mangar was released from their prisons in the obelisks of the pyramids in 2019.

The Man Glar's are also called the Mangolos. They're from the stars. Not this planet. They came here in disobedience or sin. They were supposed to live out there in the dunes, on the rocks and caves around the stars and planets. They call it The Oasis, because that's where their star Sirius was.

We are not talking about the movie Jeepers Creepers either when we talk about the Man Glar, lol. The flying man-eating bat. The Man Glar are small. They are smaller than humans. They are three to four feet high.

The Langarlon

The Langarlons live in the mountains. They look like evil men with long tongues. They're humanoids. See "Fallen" (2022) about humanoids.

"Fallen" (2022)

The Malcarp

The Fish Angels. They have evil eyes and scaly skin. They eat man alive on contact. By contact, we mean that their scaly skin absorbs man's flesh in a few seconds. They don't eat man with their mouths. They eat man with their scales. They are coming first with the Ant of the abyss. We are not talking about the Piranha either. The Malcarp are another race of humanoid. They also eat cats. The Malcarp are that race that live in the other sphere that you see at night that you call ghosts. Those are the Malcarp.

The Benadon

These are man eating worms that look like snakes. These are those creepy things that crawl around in the Underworld like snakes with evil eyes and hairy men's heads attached to the end.

The Ethios

The Angel Ethios is from another realm. This is the one that talks to the devil and gets instructions from him on how to kill man with the Malcarp.

The Sconk

The Sconk (not skunk. These are not skunks. This is another language we are writing in) are a clumsy little species that eat people at night. Like burglars, they come and go quick.

The Suprenon

The Suprenon angels are the leaders. They are a people of plastic features who face to toe they look like aliens. But they are real monsters who eat humans alive on contact. These are the ones coming from the abyss with the rest.

The Catakshree

The Catakshree are from Mars. They are also called the Mongalard. They're the alien species that eat people. They are demons. People also call them the "Greys".

Am I saying that the Rapture has already happened by giving you the dates of the release of these man eating demons? No. But that the Lord is about to return. The Rapture is at hand. We are so close to the coming of the Lord, that these demons are being released to eat man already. The Ant Tribe is already walking on dry land again. You will see them eating and dancing with the Hopi Tribe. The Hopi's say that the Ant are not imprisoned in the Underworld, or, under the ground. That they come out but they can't eat people. If they do, a Cherubim angel will come out from behind the clouds and kill the Ants with gamma rays (

So, the Ants are coming out and they are eating pigs and cows with the Sasquatch. The Cherubim are described in Ezekiel chapter 1. Check it out. On humans, they'll make storms to control them. But God loves the human race and he'll kill the other tribes on earth when they come out from the abyss and act evil and try to kill and eat humans. God saved man from this angel race in the air. They're a spirit species of worship of idols.

Check out this movie called "The Long Night" released this year (2022) about the demon snake Ukthana being released from its 400 square yard perimeter on earth with a spell cast during a certain alignment of the stars and planets. The prison of this serpent was that 400 square yards on earth and its prison was the stars and planets. It was cast to earth by God to its 400-yard dungeon for 5000 years. It's prison was held by the stars to its place on earth. But it was released after 5000 years during an alignment of the stars and planets. God released it in the movie just as in reality He released these other demons I'm telling you about in this blog.

"The Long Night" (2022)

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