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Why Do People See Human Beings Out In Space?

Updated: Jul 4

The Temples of Syrinx

A few years ago, the archangel Michael told me about the Temples of Syrinx. I have his message written here on this website somewhere within one of the messages. I remember what Michael said about Syrinx and this will explain why people see humans on the Moon and other planets and out in deep space.

So, what Michael told me is that the priests of the Temples of Syrinx were teleporting people into other star systems to be eaten by demons, or, aliens. The Temples of Syrinx, those Pyramids, were teleporting devices. Like lambs being led to the slaughterhouse, the devil and his priests, the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx, were leading people by the thousands into those pyramids and teleported across the Universe to homes of demons and were eaten.

There is a movie out from 1994 called "Stargate" which touches on the Temples of Syrinx. The Stargate would teleport people to another world like earth where humans were slaves to demon gods like Ra. Ra is an alien, a reptilian, a demon.

There is also an old Twilight Zone episode called "To Serve Man" about aliens taking people to paradise in their space craft with a program they made called "To Serve Man". But a woman tries to save a man from being eaten by the aliens by warning him not to go with the aliens because "To Serve Man" is a cookbook {See video below).


The Human Hunter

That's how the devil is. He's an evil genius with fantastic devices like the Stargate, but they're used to eat people. The devil is an evil genius and whatever he makes, it's to eat you. That's what the devil is like. He's smarter than people are, and this makes people admire him. But he eats you. He doesn't want to be your friend. He'll either enslave and torture you or eat you alive.

Hell Is a Slaughterhouse

Isa, 53:6, 7 prophecies about the trial of Jesus Christ saying that as a sheep is led to the slaughterhouse and a lamb before her shearers is dumb, that Jesus accepted the torture and death of the crucifixion. What I want to emphasize in these verses is the slaughterhouse. A slaughterhouse is a place where people kill animals to be eaten. In scripture, the slaughterhouse is a description of hell. Hell is a slaughterhouse where the devil slaughters and eats people. The temples of Syrinx were human slaughterhouses. People were teleported across the universe to be eaten by the devil. We are the devil's food. Unless we accept Christ's salvation from hell and sin and the devil (Jn.3/ Rom. 10).

Christ Prophecies to Us

To Confirm My Message from God

About the Lamb Before the Slaughterhouse

Thus says the Risen Christ,

"That thing doesn't know it's going to be killed {the sheep before the slaughterhouse}.

That's how you are around Me.

You don't know that the things that you do are taking you to hell.

So, I'm sorry if this sting of death {hell} is too much for you to bear.

I gave you a chance in life and warned you in the Bible that hell is real and what's coming after this life.

And you still won't believe.

You're dumb like that lamb who stands there smiling {before the slaughter}

Before an axe is laid to its torso.

You think these things are for your good {sins},

But you have no idea how deadly they are.

They take your very life from you.

That's the power of sin:

To make you kill yourself.

That's the devil's curse upon Adam.

And you inherited it through his blood.

It's called the curse of sin in the law.

But this book the Bible is written by Me not Leviathan the god of the underworld.

The Abyss is under water.

There's a key to it that I hold.

It unlocks the very chain that holds it bound.

If I unlock it, there's going to be a great smoking furnace that's going to arise

From the Bottomless Pit all the way to the stars and the clouds.

So, you need to know about it before you pass away,

Because when you die that's where you're going to go without My help.

I'm the only One that can help you and save you from that man that took the first bite of sin.

What Adam did damned you all to hades for eternity.

No one can get out but Me.

I went there and I told you I felt the flames engulfing My Spirit; My tongue.

But it turned to waters of life because I'm the Son of God.

It's impossible for Me to be held by the chains of death in Hades.

So, you can't escape this coming judgement {to hell}.

But I need you to learn from my servant Darrin (that's me)

Because he told you in Prophecies To Come that the Bible was written by the Holy Ghost.

It says in one of the books of Peter somewhere

That holy men spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

So, the Holy Spirit is the writer not the men.

He uses their hands, but the thoughts are His not the man.

That's what you need to understand.

The Bible wasn't fathomed in the brain cells of some human who lost his soul.

It came from God Almighty in eternity.

This is My power speaking.

You think I'm the Son of God in scripture,

But not in real life.

That's the difference between you and us.

You don't know the truth.

When you hear it, you turn and mock.

You have a mocking spirit of laughter when you hear the truth about Jesus.

That's the devil's anointing.

He wants you to laugh and make jokes about what Jesus done for them.

Having no idea how important it is for you to baptized under the anointing of the Spirit.

Now that's the only thing that's going to set you free from sin's curse.

Without Me and My Spirit and My Word, it's impossible for you to escape death!

You can't do it!

Only the Lord of Life can free you from sin's captor

Who lives in the bottomless underworld!

There's no bottom under the earth.

It goes on into eternity.

People see other clouds and skies and suns there...

That's the devil's Abyss. It looks like a beautiful world.

But when you get there, it's full of snakes and poison.

You need to understand this Bible scripture

came from the mouth of Jesus before He became a man.

That was Jesus speaking on Mount Sinai in Exodus 20.

Not God the Father.

God the Father didn't want to be near our world.

So, He sent Me to intercede.

I'm {Jesus} the Angel of the Lord in scripture.

I'm the One that speaks for God {His Name is called the Word of God - Rev. 19:13}.

So, you need to learn from scripture the truth about the Bible and who wrote it.

Who it is in it.

There's a Spirit in scripture. It's My Spirit {the Lord is inside the pages of the Bible}.

It's the Spirit of the Lord that David called it.

The holy anointing oil that comes forth from speaking words of God.

So, read it.

Start Luke 16.

That's the beginning of My chapters on hell.

After that I'm going to keep talking about it until Revelation.

I wrote the Bible.

I'm the One who speaks for God.

They call me an angel but I'm the Lord.

This is the only book you have.

This is the road of God.

If you want God back, you need to read Me.

I write through you.

Don't speak to me tonight about My inability to speak to you.

You got the problem listening to Me.

I set My word from the eternal Oracles into your realm for prophecy and curators.

But you did not do what I sent it for.

You rebelled against Me and stoned Me in My courthouse,

And I'm the Lord of life who gave you birth as I said of Jeremiah,

That before you were born, I knew you.

But you didn't know Me.

And I was stoned, and I accepted it because I felt rejected by God.

And I thought He was the One throwing the stone.

It was Him in scripture but not in force.

He's the One who thought it.

But the one who threw it was man.

And that's who I'm mad at for the sting of death.

You think not that I created you.

But I spoke before from your mother's womb,

And you still won't believe Me.

You think that I'm going to come back to take you to My Dome, to My Crystal palace.

But all of you are workers of death.

There's only one, it's a woman, who will speak forth Light and Love from this realm of ours

To your earthly death.

And you will hear her speaking My Name high in the courthouses in April {2024},


'This is the man of God that came from New Town to talk to you about your death coming,

And about the eternal underworld and you won't hear it'.

She's going to be laughed to scorn when she says that she's your wife.

But when she gets up in the courts to prophecy and to preach

Every one of them are going to be convicted to the bone so hurt,

They're going to kill themselves for pouring forth My anointing like it's nothing.

This is the reason I killed Saul.

Because he played the death call on My harp when I sent him to accost David.

But he didn't.

He brought him home and hit him like he wasn't human".

Michael now finishes Christ's Message...

We don't hit humans in our realm because they die from our strokes.

That's how strong we are in God's realm.

If we hit you, you're not going to have a head.

It's going to fly off at a hundred miles an hour.

As fast as the speed of light if I want it.

They're no match for angels.

Angels of God are pretty, but they're solid.

They're not weak like men.

Men run from fights because they fear death.

There's nothing wrong with me or my might because I'm an angel from God.

I have the ability to fight and stand and be killed and come back to life.

You can't kill an angel of God just like you can't die in Hades.

Your eternal body is no match for this realm.

My name is Michael the archangel,

From the angels of Light.

I have the sword in my sheath sticking at your nose you who hear this.

I'm talking to you right now through these windows.

You see my light shining forth from this middle window,

Because that's where I have my sheath

And I dare you to come into this room again with those cops from the underworld.

Because I'm going to kill them, every one of them, with this sword.

And turn you all into a ball of light that goes into the blazes of Hades' torment.

So, come forth tonight with your little knife,

If you think you're bad enough to confront me and my army of millions of people

Who stand at the judgement for Christ.

You in this house will be blown to bits by this gun that I have in this house.

And you saw it because it's a time bomb and it's ticking right at you,

And we got your number..."

Christ Ends His Message to you...

"I'm not from this earth. That's why you can't understand our words.

Your nation is under a curse and you're getting in fights everywhere.

I told you not to touch My people" {Ps. 105:15}.


"Listen" {to this note}, says the Lord...

This is Darrin speaking right now. I have seen that people who are not Christian and/ or baby Christians, believe that Christians are people to take your anger out on. Scapegoats. People you can beat and abuse. But in Psalm 105:15 God warns us not to touch His people. In Jn. 14:15 Jesus says that if we love Him that we'll listen to what He says. Point is that people who believe that Christians are punching bags don't love the Lord because He said not to touch His people, and you don't know the Lord if you believe this, because if you did, you would know to love God and His people, not disobey God and hurt His people.

Today your nation is in trouble with God and the other nations and you're getting in fights everywhere. This is the Lord's curse upon your country for not helping His church. If you put your hands upon God's church, you will not be safe. Point is that it is not true that you can abuse Christians. You are seeing your nation losing its power in this world today and it is because you are touching the Lord's anointing.

How bad is it to kill a child? When it comes to the anointing of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, your kids don't count. God will kill your kids for disrespecting His holy anointing. This is a warning from God in the following Bible passage...

2 Kings 2:23-25

Authorized (King James) Version


23 And {the prophet Elisha} went up from {Jericho to} Bethel, and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him and said {to} him, "Go up, {you} bald head! Go up {you} bald head {Baldy! Baldy! Baldy! Baldy! Baldy"! 24 And he turned back and looked on them and cursed them in the Name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood and {tore apart} forty two {of these children}. 25 And {Elisha} went from {Jericho} to mount Carmel and from {there} he returned to Samaria.

The only unforgiveable sin is to blaspheme, or, mock, the Holy Spirit (). To mock the Holy Spirit will take your life from you and put you into eternal fire in hell, as the above Bible references testify to you.

It's not touching the human Christians that is getting you killed. It's touching the Holy Spirit inside us. The feelings and happiness of God's people are more valuable than your life and your children's lives.

The Holy Spirit lives inside of us Christians and when you put your hands upon us mock us, the Lord will kill you and your family. And yet you think that it's wrong to do that and that it's OK to hit Christians. You don't believe this though you know about it and what God is saying to you right now, is that the loss your experiencing is because you mock and persecute Christians.

No. It is right to kill you and your family for persecuting God's people. Jesus said in the above prophecy that the reason that he killed king Saul was because he treated the Lord's anointing, the Holy Spirit, like it was nothing. The judgement of God upon your nation, this curse to destroy the United States, was prophesied by Christ in Mt. 24:3-14 when He spoke about earthquakes in diverse (the coming flood of America where half the nation east of the Mississippi in Montana will be flooded all the way to the Atlantic Ocean), and about wars and rumors of wars (the bombing of America after the great flood).

So, the reason why people are seeing human beings out in space is because thousands of years ago, the devil was teleporting people to other star systems to be eaten and not all were killed. Some were made slaves to serve the demons and others, the women, were used to breed and birth babies to be eaten like at a slaughterhouse. Those humans are still alive out there and more advanced than we are from living with those evil geniuses, the devil and his angels. Or, as Christ calls them: the torturers of Hades.

World without end. Amen.

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