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What Does The Eye In The Pyramid Symbol of the Illuminati Mean?

Updated: Jan 2

What People say it means:

  1. Eye of God's Providence

  2. All Seeing Eye of God

  3. The Devil is Watching Us from the Sky

What Archangel Gabriel says this means:

I used to wonder what this symbol means and one time a few weeks ago my guardian archangel Gabriel said,

"The devil has one eye. That's what it means.

The devil looks like a cyclops.

It means 'Satan is here'.

Those things {triangular temples} all over up there {in the air}.

It's the Eye of Satan's Temple. It means he's in human form".

(This means that God and the angels, including Satan and his angels, are in those things watching us in the air).

Satan Is Trying to Look Like God

By Using the Christian Symbol of the Eye in the Pyramid

It seems confusing to see Christian symbols in Satan's organizations. But Satan wants to hide who he is from man so that he can operate freely around him without man knowing who he is. This makes man scoff at the truth of his existence. Not knowing and ignorance are unbelief. The truth will face you and you won't know it's the truth.

Satan isn't going to put up his pictures and symbols to identify himself to man. So, he hides and uses God's symbols, and this means that he is trying to appear as God to us who see God's symbols in his organizations.

Atheism is the faith of the Illuminati. They deny the existence of God and the devil. This is how Satan hides himself. He hides behind atheism. When you can hide who are you from the public, this allows you to operate in the public freely without anyone knowing it's you. You can get in someone's face and say that you're the devil, and they will scoff at you in unbelief.

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