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"The Way God Is With His Servants"

Updated: Jun 4

Does God make His servants win the lottery?

The theme of this message is the way God is with His servants. Not becoming rich. The answer is YES God will let you win the lottery for His purposes. But...God gives people money to build a ministry. This is the way God is with His servants. He'll let you win the lottery when the desire of your heart is fixed by the Lord to use it to build the ministry that He wants you to build for Him.

Your heart has to be fixed by God to want Jesus rather than money. When you know that Jesus is the true riches; that you'll have all your needs granted by God within, you won't need money. When God wants to make you a millionaire or a billionaire, you will not want money. You will want Jesus because you know that Jesus is the source of all that you need. If you got God inside you, you know He is your supply of money and everything else and you also know that you don't need money, you need God.

When you can look at millions of dollars and say. "I don't want it. I'd rather have Jesus". Then you're ready to be rich because 1) the Lord has fixed your heart on Him and 2) you'll use the money for God's purposes and not your own. You'll build the ministry that He has planted in your heart because you delight yourself in the Lord and God is first with you. God can trust you with money when He has fixed your heart to want Him and not money.

You can play the lottery all you want and win or lose. But when you ask God to win the lottery, it's because He told you to ask Him for it, not because you have needs that winning the lottery will meet.

This is the theme message that Jesus is talking about in Mt. 6. Mt. 6 is about fellowship with God. Not about getting what you need from God. Fellowship with God is not about getting what you need to live, like food and clothes, from God. It's about wanting God more than all that. More than to live. When you know God's true value, all the silver, gold and trillions of dollars means nothing. Why? Because God gives you everything you need. You know it. Whatever you need falls from above you in front of your eyes. You know the value of the Presence of God.

It's all about the riches of God's Word. God is the true riches. The angels of Light will testify that God is their Source. We don't need nothing but God because He will supply all our need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

The seed is the Word of God (Lk. 8:1-21). When we plant messages from God like this one, into the fertile ground of other people's hearts, we will get back a harvest of what we planted. This message is about winning money from a sweepstakes to build a ministry. I have planted it tonight because God told me to. I have told you what God told me to say, that, God will let you win the lottery to build His ministry because He has shaped your heart to want God more than money, and the fruit is growing in your heart. I will reap what I sow. I gave a message from God about the lottery and the lottery is my fruit. This is God's plan not mine. I didn't ask God to win the lottery. He told me that I need lots of money quick to build this prophet ministry. He told me to enter the sweepstakes after I got messages from them. It's like,

"Darrin, son, it's time to build the ministry".

I reply,

"Yes, Lord. Sounds good, Dad".

He concludes,

"Enter the sweepstakes I sent to your PO Box".

I say,

"OK, Lord".

The whole time the motive of my heart is to serve the Lord in ministry and make Him happy. Getting money from a lottery winning means nothing to us. It's a means to provide from God. Provide not your needs, but them also along with, providing to build a ministry to win the lost and edify the born-again church. When you know God, money means nothing. It's about serving God and making Him happy.

God isn't into gambling. He's into ministry. All the money in this world, in every national form, all the silver and gold, are His. All the money in the sweepstakes and lotteries, belong to Him. Money is paper and gold and silver are rocks. But in the Presence of God is joy and eternal life. Those are some of the true riches that money can't buy. Money means nothing to God because it's paper and rocks. But your eternal soul or eternal life, are what God sees as valuable.

You want to win the lottery, not meet God. God isn't going to give the lottery. The only way you can want the Presence of Jesus more than winning the lottery, is to get born again. When you get born again, God gives you a new heart with godly desires. Among those new and godly desires, are the need to keep God first.

You don't get what you want from God because you got the wrong motives. You're asking God for money because you have needs. You say that God loves you and that He will give you all your needs. But Jesus talked about this in Mt. 6. He said that asking God for what you need isn't what fellowship with God is about. Jesus said that asking for things according to God's will is what it's about. This means to keep God first and then He'll give you all that because He isn't stupid. God knows what you need before you ask Him. He made you and He knows you get hungry everyday and that you need clothes and a home.

So, if God knows what we need before we ask Him, then how do we get what we need from God? Jesus said to do things His way. Keep Him first. It isn't about your needs. It's about serving God. Living is about worshiping God. The meaning of life is about knowing God, not eating and surviving, because without God we will die no matter how much we eat. Food won't keep you alive. God will. But to do things God's way will make us live forever because He's the Source of life and everything we will ever need.

God isn't about giving you food because you need to live. God is about fellowship and worship. Putting God before what you need because you need and love Him and fellowship with God through worship. Not asking for a handout.

The people today who don't know God are the same as in Christ's time. They want money and all it buys to survive, and they want God to give them all this. This is because they don't know God. It's about knowing God to get all this. To put God and doing things His way in order to get what you need. But winning the lottery and putting God first isn't about doing it to get all that, because you want money not God. It's about a born again need to keep God first in order to live because He's the Source of life and everything you need.

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Women, children and animals are drawn to me. So are the most violent of men. My ministry will be a prison ministry. I will house the most violent of men that no one wants. That law kills and that the church to afraid to witness to. The serial killer, the gang member, the drug dealer, the cop killer, the mafioso...those will be the tattooed company of prophets you see in your dreams and visions from the Holy Spirit that will reap this end time harvest of Joel 2...

A church house where women, children and stray pets will live rent free with all their needs supplied. Not a poor house or a shelter, but a home for those drawn to me, the women, kids animals and America's most dangerous men...

A pet clinic and shelter for cats and dogs before they become roadkill or eaten by wolves...I want all the stray pets roaming the woods out there in my home...but that takes money...there's a lot more to this church on the horizon...

My church is where Jesus is the Head and I and my wife will sit enthroned as prophets in the Administration under the Lord Jesus Himself, and the pastors, evangelists and Bible teachers serve us as we will speak from the Lord Christ Himself the Word. Prophets are in the Administration of the Word Jesus. Pastors, evangelists and Bible teachers are in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor, 12-14).

(This message is not finished)

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